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Gig Review: Dirt Farmer at Brighton Up Bar

Dirt Farmer

The intimate Brighton up bar venue was treated to a seriously solid night of live music on Thursday 21 August. Big Nothing got things started with their brand of indie folk. Intricate 3 (even 4) part vocal harmonies shone above bouncy instrumentation. The guys clearly enjoy what they do and are pretty damn good at it. A cover of outkasts ‘roses’ saw vocalist Will Freedman rapping like a boss to a very appreciative audience. I had not heard of these guys before but they out on a good fun show, love what there doing and the enthusiasm is infectious.

Following Big Nothing were Dirt Farmer, I had had the pleasure of seeing them earlier this year just around the corner at the Beresford, so I knew I was gonna have a good time. Their unique well crafted songs are a joy to listen live as all the subtle instrumental changes are more satisfying. (And the mighty harmonica takes centre stage). The tight drumming and base coupled with the satisfying riffs from lead guitarist provide the perfect platform for Stuart’s soothing vocals and harmonies.
It’s really splitting bees dicks to pick a standout track but Johnny Marble and Delilah lightning are both awesome slacker indie tunes.


Gig Review – Tigertown, Tourism and Gnome at Brighton Up Bar


In a day where Sydney’s buses were the only thing more unpredictable than the weather, we got to Oxford Streets Brighton Up Bar just as first act up Gnome exited the stage. I must admit I was a little bit dirty we missed their set, as by all reports it was pretty solid, and if it was anything like the set they gave at Hello Vera’s single launch last week we did miss out.

Brisbane lads Tourism where the next band to take to the stage. Tourism are one band that you should definitely check out on Unearthed and I’m not sure how long they will remain a support act for. Lead singer Joe had the most identical voice to Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner, and instantly made the name Tourism make sense and seem appropriate. They are much what I would imagine the Arctic Monkeys would sound like if England wasn’t so gloomy and they got some jangly surf rock shoved into them instead. From there, they played a set that was tight like a tiger (pardon the pun) with the guys totally in sync and enjoying themselves, down to every head bop. In a week where gender issues plagued the media, it was also good to see a man donning the leopard print and paying a bit of cat-ly homage to the act they were supporting . By the end of their set, that included the popular ‘City Never Sleeps’ and ‘Paint in Colours’ I was left pretty pumped, and a little worried that they may have upstaged Tigertown.

Luckily that thought was allayed pretty quickly, with no disrespect to Tourism intended. There is something about hearing a Tigertown harmony for the first time in a set that is so sobering for the drunk and provides such a moment of clarity and awe for the already sober. They just release this thick texture of sound that so politely takes over the room. Tigertown played my old favourites ‘Go Now’ and ‘Still Breathing’, my new favourites ‘Morning Has Finally Come’ and ‘Lions and Witches’ and some new unheard songs off their latest EP. I wouldn’t say they twisted my arm, but did reinforce my desire to invest in their new ‘Before The Morning’ EP. It was a high class show from a band that seem to outdo their last performance every time I see them. The only downside is now having to wait until their next tour.