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JP Kilpspringer – Drip Dry EP Review

JP KlipspringerJP Klipspringer emerged on the scene when he dropped his debut single ‘Bury Me’ earlier this year. The great news is that he has finally dropped his debut EP, ‘Drip Dry’, and it is full of the same stirring and intelligent indie that made us fall in love with his original single.

JP Klipspringers debut EP, Drip Dry, is not catchy music, as the obsession with the sound he produces goes much deeper than something as tangible as poppy beat. The four track EP, which includes ‘Bury Me’, is a wonderful collection of slow paced and emotional music produced near perfectly. Second track ‘Anastasia’, is a particular favourite with its steady pulsing beat and looping piano melody, combining with the eerieness of the vocals to create a song that just connects with me. Final track, ‘Bring You Home’ provided the real suprise number of the EP, mixing up the deft piano loops of previous numbers, towards a more poppy almost RUFUS like electro number. And it works, blurring the lines of dance music and brooding indie to create a sound that will definitely increase JP Klipspringer’s accessibility.

Put simply, Drip Dry is an abolutely stunning debut EP from JP Klispspringer.

JP Klipspringer – Bury Me

JP KlipspringerJP Klipspringer is the solo project of Melburnian Jack Poulson, with ‘Bury Me’ the second follow-up single to debut ‘Bring You Home’.

JP Klipspringer makes tunes that are so fraught with emotion, that are actually haunting. ‘Bury Me’ is a prime example, as the slow pace, delicately articulated vocals, and use of subtle hand claps, combine to create a sound that is eerily entertaining. And then just to top it all off the sudden drop of all sound bar the vocals at the end – it gets me. I somehow synchronously love this song and am scared by its depth of feeling at the same time. Take away message: JP Klipspringer can create incredible music.