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The Havknotz – Wild Child (Feat. Cactus)


Australian Hip Hop continues to evolve, and as we know evolution is distinctively Darwinian. Only the fittest and strongest survive. With the plethora of new Hip-Hop artists hitting the scene over the last few years it’s refreshing to start seeing new sounds from young Hip-Hop artists.

From the opening guitar riff of this new track from ‘The Havknotz’, you realise that this isn’t just your standard DJ & MC combination. The raspy vocals of ‘Losty’ sound more mature than his years and combined with the smooth melodies of guest vocalist, Cactus, this track really permeates the brain.

Is it Rocky Rap, or Rappy Rock? Maybe we can just call it Nu-Hip-Hop. In any case, ‘The Havknotz’ appear to have hit the scene with something fresh and exciting. Check out some of their other tunes from their 2nd EP, release on June 28th.