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Canary – Carried Away


Canary are a five piece band coming out of  Melbourne, who have produced the awesome track ‘Carried Away‘ which features on their debut album ‘Dear Universe‘.

‘Carried Away’ opens up with this really cool tribal inspired drum solo, followed by the soft vocals of Matthew Kenneally. The track then builds with the gentle introduction of the guitars, change to the pitter patter drum beats before a general increase in the overall intensity of the music. Yet, the vocals remain calm and lightly sung throughout. It is a track that by the end you just expect to jump into this crazy all in climax, but it never does. In many ways, that is what really did it for me, it wasn’t what I expected. I just loved the calm teasing buildup, whilst being a pretty relaxing listen.

If you love this track be sure to head to Canary’s bandcamp page to download their album ‘Dear Universe’ in full – and leave a generous donation to keep them making great music and ensuring they can have photoshoots as colourful as the one above!