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The Walking Who – Soon To Be Known

walking who

The Walking Who are a three piece psychedelic rock group from Wollongong who released their self produced album ‘Candy Flu’ full off solid tunes with a distinct 60s rock vibe.

Their lead single and albums namesake  ‘Candy Flu’ received a bit of hype after combining some pulsating drumming, hazy vocals and reverb soaked guitar to create a really chilled track with a dandy warhols-eque vibe.

10,15 shows off more of their hazy psychedelic sound, but comes together a lot tighter than previous tracks. With the notable inclusion of some waning synth at the start, the track is dominated by some stomping beats and raging bass. The vocals are once again smooth, relaxed, and somewhat mysterious, but they suit the tone of the instruments perfectly. It is a track that subtly grips you and without you even noticing leaves you totally relaxed and fully engrossed in the music. 10,15 is the ultimate chill out track and great listen to help relieve the stresses of the day.

Be sure to check out their album ‘Candy Flu’, which you can stream and download in full here. The album also contains the track ‘Lepathon’ which is an slick track coated in thick bass, penetrating guitar riffs and thundering beats. It is my favourite of the tracks and an absolutely captivating listen.

The Walking Who have also announced a host of shows in the Sydney area in the coming month, including gigs at The Annandale (June 22nd), The Great Northern in Newcastle (June 23rd) and finishing off at the Beach Road Hotel Bondi (June 30th), so be sure to check them out.