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Elephant Eyes – Mother Said Single

Melbourne based indie-folk foursome Elephant Eyes have just released their second single ‘Mother Said’.

The thing about Elephant Eyes that grabs you within seconds of listening to ‘Mother Said’ is the clarity, strength, and warmth of Kate McMahons vocals. The fact that the rest of the band comes together with a nice tight supportive sound is merely a bonus. The drumming is well done in that it doesn’t over power the track, but instead drives it into a beautiful climactic finale supported by the sweet melodies of the piano. It is a track that manages to be soft and sweet, without being sickly so, and makes for a really good listen.

Elephant Eyes are also doing a little bit of touring, playing in Collingwood and at the Castle Music Festival of which details can be found here. If you like what you hear be sure to head to their website and unearthed page, where you can download this track and hear more of their music.