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Castlecomer – Seeing Her Tonight


Sydney band Castlecomer are fast becoming one of my favourite bands of 2012 after producing some of the most energetic, uptempo, positive tunes in the country.

The five-piece have a truly infectious indie sound, and manage to differentiate themselves from the masses thanks to their soaring harmonies, and bouncy guitar riffs. Their influence by the early Kooks sound comes through clearly in ‘Seeing Her Tonight’, but I think the Kooks could learn a thing or two from these boys given their weaker last couple of albums.

‘Seeing Her Tonight’ is a fantastic track, and the harmonies in particular are incredible. It has everything, handclaps, doo-wops, plucky acoustic guitars, and deep Old Man River-esque vocals playing off vocals from the higher end of the scale, what more could you want? It also finishes off with this fantastic deep ‘Oh Yeah’ which like many things in life signals your going to be left pretty satisfied, and boy was I. Its a charming track that just fills you with such positive energy and warmth, you can’t help but listen to it over and over. It is a must get from their unearthed page.

With such warmth and energetic fun in all their tracks, there is a clear reason why these boys are so high in the unearthed charts. People take note, you heard it here, Castlecomer are going places, please join me for the ride!