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The Stationary Stationary – Sweetest of Vocals

Stationary Stationary

Central Coast indie pop threesome the Stationary Stationary once topped the Triple J unearthed indie charts with a great little track called ‘Slipping‘.

The thing that I love about this song is the sweetness of the vocals. They are so soft and tender and traverse the lyrics of love and loss so beautifully. The keys, drums and guitars are at a perfect level to allow the vocals to really shine through. Its definitely a song I would not listen to if my relationship was a bit rocky or just ended, but to the average afternoon listener its a nice little track to relax to. The other The Stationary Stationary tracks are pretty calm and enjoyable too. ‘The Blue Pen Blue’ is a pretty well written song lyrically and pays a bit of homage to the band name, which in itself is a reference to an Anberlin track (or its just a major coincidence). It also makes use of some great harmonies, all to the simple backing of an acoustic guitar. All in all its pretty blissful.