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Mitzi – All I Heard


After a fairly long break, Brisbane four piece Mitzi wowed us with ‘Who Will Love You Now?’, and now they have just released another newbie called ‘All I Heard‘.

‘All I Heard’ is a pretty fresh sounding track, being upbeat and energetic, without overdoing it. I  guess it probably falls into the relaxed dance category and would be filed somewhere between Jamiroquai and early Calvin Harris (when he was still singing). The velvety smooth vocals and refined beats just give ‘All I Heard’ this really dreamy and suave feel. Its also nice to see a band making awesome disco tunes backed by a proper band and not just an iMac (advertising not intended), with the plucky bass line in the bridge hitting the spot nicely.

‘All I Heard’ is clean groovy fun and has us pretty excited for their ‘Truly Alive’ album release  on February 19th.

Temper Trap release new song ‘Rabbit Hole’


The Temper Trap just released a new track called ‘Rabbit Hole’ which is off their soon to be released second full length album available May 18th. I just got really excited and thought I would let you all know its out and to have a listen.

Its perhaps a little more subtle than their first album tracks, and lacks those festive indie rock beats. Still the vocals are very sweet and I will be interested to know what you guys think.