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Hello Vera – Keys and Harmonies


Hello Vera started as a duo, but quickly grew to a four piece indie-pop act after relocating to Sydney in 2011 and are now anticipating their first EP release ‘Pigeons’ in early May.

So far Hello Vera have only released one song. Their debut track ‘On the Road’, is a charming little arrangement dominated by some sexy keyboard melodies and the sweet vocals of Charmian Kingston. The drums are soft and simple, and the bass also helps to push the track along, but the vocals and keyboards really make this track. The keyboard tunes in each chorus are super catchy, and manage to collate with the vocal harmonies beautifully. Its such a well layered and joyous track, I love it. Its also available for free at their unearthed page.

The great news is that the band are planing to launch their debut EP ‘Pigeons’ on May 11th at the Kings Cross Hotel in Sydney. Ticket details are here, but its cool to note each ticket comes with a free copy of their new EP. Gotta love generosity, so be sure to check them out.