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Loon Lake – On Fire


Melbournite’s Loon Lake were one of the best independent artists to break through in Australia last year, and now they are back with a new single called ‘On Fire’.

Loon Lake is all about the guitars, with earlier singles such as ‘Bad To Me’ and ‘In The Summer’ all about fast paced cascades while most popular single ‘Cherry Lips’ was off the stripped back bouncy rhythmic variety.  ‘On Fire’ seems to strike the perfect amalgamation of the two. From the start you have the thick overlaying guitar textures that just suck you in, before stepping into this layered bouncy vibe. Add the ever present soaring vocal melodies, delicate african-inspired drumming bridge and you have a tune that exemplifies the good side of indie rock. It’s a real grower and you cannot help but dig the guitars.

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Loon Lake – New Single Cherry Lips


As we mentioned a few days back, Melbourne lads Loon Lake have released tour dates off the back of their new single ‘Cherry Lips’, but we can finally share the ‘Cherry Lips’ single with you.

‘Cherry Lips’ is really a step away from the normal bouncy indie rock Loon Lake have become known for, but I don’t mind their take on a new sound. I actually quite enjoy the more low-fi beat, and the pastiche of percussion with drums, claps and tambourine. The vocals are strong as always but with every listen I still get shocked thinking this is Loon Lake, it is definitely something different. Not bad, just different, very different compared to ‘Bad to Me’ and ‘In the Summer’.

Yet, I can’t help but feel the song could have really taken off if there was a more pronounced soaring guitar riff at the end of the chorus. It has such a fantastic build-up for a guitar solo too, but perhaps that is just me being conservative and wishing for a return to old Loon Lake. I do get the vibe that this track will be able to be re-worked and remixed into some pretty fun indie dance music, in a similar vein to the way  ‘Shame’ by the Cairos was remixed by Coach Bombay.

The boys are touring, so be sure to catch them and hear their new and old stuff, details can be found here.