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Oceanics – Bright People EP Review


Gold Coast band Oceanics have released their second EP entitled ‘Bright People’ which is awash with indie soaked goodness.

The four-piece had some success and airplay with their debut EP and particularly the tack ‘Romancer’. However I think there will be even more success this time around, with ‘Bright People’ being a much stronger and well rounded EP. In fact this success may already be apparent, with’Jukebox’ and ‘Chinatown is Not Newtown’ have already been played on Triple J, and the band recently touring the East Coast in support of their release.

The EP opens off with the track ‘Jukebox’ which was probably my favourite on the record. The vocals by Elliot Weston are very reminiscent to that of UK indie rockers The Kooks lead singer Luke Pritchard, waning when needed, being firm at other points, but regardless being really nice to listen to. The drumming is eclectic mixing it up with a range of different beats  throughout, and some good hi-hat work. Add the riffs and hooks of two soaring guitars and a solid base line and you have a wicked indie rock track.

‘Chinatown is Not Newtown’ is a really bouncy indie tune that opens with a killer guitar solo to have you hooked before the song even takes off. It is full of energy and bound to have you bopping. Third track ‘American Honey’ is a little less energetic and opts for a more pulsating feel, before finishing in a guitar kicking, drum smashing climax, whilst ‘Indigo Lane’ utilises this two tempo model, that switches between pacey driving guitar hooks and order maintaining background guitar sounds, to create an interesting tone to song.

The EP finishes off with ‘Girl Don’t Tell Me’, which is the only track on the record the band didn’t write. And you can kind of tell as it has really different more retro, surf rock feel to it. In fact it feels like it belongs on Deep Sea Arcade’s latest record. Regardless, its a really chilled way to the end the album and I really enjoyed the smooth more layered feel to the track.

‘Bright People’ is Aussie indie rock at its best. Electrifying guitars, tight driving beats, and smooth controlled vocals that is well worth the listen.