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Halfway Homebuoy – Let Me Go


I just stumbled across the EP ‘Crossing Borders‘ released last year by Sydney based band Halfway Homebuoy and took a real liking to their track ‘Let Me Go’.

‘Let Me Go’ s a classic rock tune. It has the driving beats, progressive bass patterns and this healthy overlay of electric guitar to really get you tapping along to the beat. The vocals are husky and bellowing with Jack Davison giving off a hint of his accent in the process. ‘Let Me Go’ is a solid driving rock tune, a nice listen.

Despite being Sydney based, Halfway Homebuoy have a truly international mix of members with The Davison brothers and Chris Burn coming from County Durham in the UK, drummer Mike Irion from Zurich and  Nick Potter being the token Sydneysider. Aside from music the guys have also featured in extreme sports films.

With plans to get back in the recording room before the end of the year, expect to see more from Hometown Homebuoy.