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Them Swoops

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Coming out of Melbourne is indie threesome ‘Them Swoops’, comprising of drummer Adam Hengstberger, guitarist/vocals Dave McGann and Chris Goff on bass, who have produced several super catchy tracks in the lead up to releasing their debut EP in the first half of next year.

Describing their sound as “sharp, fuzz guitar-psych wig-out chaos-pop from the future of your past”, you aren’t really sure what to expect until you actually listen. Strangely their description isn’t that obscure, as fuzz guitars are one of the featured instruments, producing retro style rifts which ‘the future of your past’ is probably in reference to. The music is pretty chilled, that’s the wig out bit. The only part that you don’t quite get is the ‘chaos pop’ reference. If anything these guys aren’t chaotic at all, instead producing tracks that are on the whole pretty well layered and smooth, with no jerky off-beats.

“Work Around It” is a super catchy track combining a breezy guitar loop with tuneful drumming and faded vocals, and really hits the spot. Lyrically the song stands up as well, its an interesting love ballad about the girl who got away (always a classic), because she couldn’t just ‘work around it’. It really gets the fingers tapping and head swaying.

The same can be said for their other songs, “Take Your Time” and “Too Fast for Love”. Both great indie tunes that get you bopping to the beat. “Take Your Time” also has a great keyboard injection to give the track a bit of diversity and uniqueness to it. “Too Fast For Love” features some clever breaks and changes in tempo but maintains the same fuzzy upbeat feeling as their other songs. In fact this song reminds me very much of ‘The Kooks’ first two albums, in terms of the guitar riffs and general style.

Hoping to have an EP out in the first half of 2012 and full length album in the second half, I’m sure there will be more of ‘Them Swoops’ to come.