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Winters End – Tour Dates

After releasing two cool singles earlier this year, Sydney band Winters End have also announced a couple of dates for what is kind of a mini-tour. Armed with some tight drumming, beautiful piano melodies and the strong vocals of Marissa Pinto, be sure to catch these guys live as they put on quite the show.

Winters End will play The Brunswick Hotel in Melbourne this Friday, June 15th before returning to play the UTS Glasshouse in Sydney on June 21st, in what are promising to be exciting shows.

See you there!

Winters End – New Track and Tour


Sydney threesome Winters End have just released their new track ‘Footsteps’ and are about to announce an East Coast tour to celebrate its release.

New track ‘Footsteps’ is a low-fi pop tune dominated by some awesome piano melodies and the super smooth vocals of Marissa Pinto. The drumming is quite progressive, and uses a great mix of hi-hat and bass beats in the build-up to the chorus. I really like  the type of sound ‘Footsteps’ provides. I especially like the way the drums and piano mix so sweetly, and the vocals are quite strong and help to make a track that is really something different. Below is a little montage of the track, but you can download ‘Footsteps’ for free at Winters End’s unearthed page.

The band are also planning to tour the East Coast, doing a couple of shows in Melbourne, Wagga, some  venues on the NSW South Coast and Wollongong, before travelling back to Sydney to end the tour with a big homecoming show. So keep your eyes and ears peeled, and we will update you as show dates are confirmed.

Winters End – Sydney Indie Threesome

Triple J unearthed photo

Sibling pairing Marissa and Chris Pinto and friend Anthony Lazarou are the three members that make up Sydney indie-electro rock band Winters End, which was born in October of last year, and just released their debut single ‘To Be or Not’

Describing themselves as having  “the class of Crowded House, with the complexity of Muse, coupled with the charisma and charm of Bowie, and the presence of Stevie Nicks”, you would imagine these guys are already music superstars, or at least think they are. However, in fairness for a band that hasn’t been around 6 months yet, they are doing pretty well for themselves.

Their debut single ‘To Be or Not’, which is available as a free download at Winter’s Ends unearthed page (thank you!) is a really relaxing and chilled listen. The vocals by Marissa Pinto are strong and clear and form the crux of the track, whilst the keyboard supports with rapid high pitched notes, with some easy going low-fi drumming thrown in for good measure. There is also a pretty sweet, although subtle change in tempo as you hit the early choruses, before a nice little drum crescendo at the final one. Overall its a pretty well rounded sound that provides a good listen.

With Winters End still being in their infancy, you can let them off the hook for having only released one song. However, more will follow, and I will keep you posted when they do release some more tracks. Until then keep yours ears perked and try to catch these guys live as they do the rounds of the Sydney music scene.