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The Former Love – Busy Old Fool



The Former Love are a indie rock six piece from Sydney who have produced a really energetic and happy track in ‘Busy Old Fool’.

From the very first installment of  the sprinkling high pitched keys I was hooked, then the song got even better. Every single note from the drum beats to the guitar plucks has this precise and intricate feel to it. It is a track that just fills you with warmth and reignites a feeling of youthful energy. The vocals are hazy and removed, but sung in such a way that allows them to gel so well with the rest of the music. ‘Busy Old Fool’ is fantastic little track, a real find.

I would also like to mention that I found these guys without the Gotye Parody – which I discovered after is also pretty cool. The Former Love are clearly a funny and talented bunch of dudes.