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Cloud Control – Dojo Rising

dojo rising

2010 saw Cloud Control release their award winning debut ‘Bliss Release‘, and now three years down the track we have the first taste of their impending new album with ‘Dojo Rising‘.

The opening bass reverb, haunting backing vocals and slow starting pace had me initially wondering whether ‘Dojo Rising’ was actually Cloud Control at all. Not saying it was bad, on the contrary, just so different. But when the familiar vocals of Alistair Wright kicked in, I was more than satisfied with new direction Cloud Control had gone. The band have definitely produced a much more mature, darker and slightly more rock focused tune. It was not the pop bliss that had made us fall in love with singles ‘Buffalo Country’ or ‘This Is What I Said’, but still awesome. With every listen ‘Dojo Rising’ grows feverishly on you, and I personally can’t get enough of it. Given the epicness of Dojo Rising, and having worked with some pretty well known backroom staff in┬áproducer Barny Barnicott (The Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Spiritualized), you cannot help but feel that new album ‘Dream Cave’ is going to be something pretty special.