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Chela – Guts


New babe on the block, Chela, from Armadale Wadonga has been charming people lucky enough to stumble across her pumpin’ and discotheque tracks. You may have already heard her silky voice on some killer tracks such as Goldroom’s ‘Fifteen’ and Clubfeet’s single ‘Heartbreak’.

Chela’s newer tune, ‘Guts’ is, dare I say it, a gutsy track full of dreamy yet full sounds. Her new music video for this catchy pot of gold is just as fun, yet has me slightly worried for her health.

Just as the title of the track allures, the gorgeous Chela strolls about, and ends up having problems with her, well, guts. A mix of colours, a well decorated bedroom and Chela somehow pulling off an all white outfit has me impressed and taken with this new, sassy songstress.