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Cold and Need – Kaleidoscope


Brisbane band Cold And Need have unveiled their second single ‘Kaleidoscope‘, complete with video clip (in 1080p!), from their recent EP ‘Colours and Shapes‘.

Cold and Need deliver a solid pop number, featuring some shimmering bass, cascading guitars and vocals delivered in a solid crisp manner by Chris Wiggins. The thing that stands out with ‘Kaleidoscope’ is the diversity of sound throughout the track. Every member gets their chance to shine, and they don’t disappoint, with soaring guitar hooks, standout bass riffs and super tight drumming throughout. Yet, the track is layered such that despite these individual performances, the complete sound is nothing short of epic. In many ways, I guess that makes ‘Kaleidoscope’ the ultimate team track – as well as a scorching listen.

I am always a sucker for subliminal advertising, also called referring to the album title, in songs. So the fact that Cold and Need manage to weave references to their ‘Colours and Shapes’ EP gives them a couple of bonus points, as well as subtly inspiring me (and probably others) to go and buy the EP.

P.S. In a side note – I did get the EP, and it doesn’t disappoint.