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Glass Towers – Collarbone Jungle EP Review

Collarbone jungle

Glass Towers have just released their much hyped new  ‘Collarbone Jungle’ EP.

Drawing  on the classic themes of young love, summer and the beach Glass Towers have managed to create an EP that is the perfect soundtrack to the coming days of road trips, surf and warm weather. Showing similarities to Last Dinosaurs, Two Door Cinema Club, and some shades of Bloc Party it is a listen that will appeal to every lover of upbeat surf enthused indie rock.

Opening the EP is the jangly guitar dominated single ‘Jumanji’. With its truly infectious guitar hooks, matched only by the equally catchy bass lines, it certainly kicks the EP off with an atmospheric bang. Despite its upbeat nature, second track ‘We Will Miss it All’, is perhaps the most somber on the EP. Detailing the difficulties of young love, the confident fast paced drumming combines with more scorching guitar riffs to truly catch the emotion the lyrics refer to. This same theme follows through into ‘Tonight’, which draws strong similarities to the dance-able indie rock of Two Door Cinema Club. A little heavier, and with a slight scratchiness to the previously jangly guitars, ‘Tonight’ is well layered and provides a much broader and atmospheric type of sound.

The EP closes off with ‘Collarbone Jungle’ a stripped back, slowed down and more melancholy version of ‘Jumanji’. This was an interesting inclusion, and I admit I am a bit of a fan. With so many other bands releasing remixes and such, its nice to see Glass Towers do something different.

Definitely one of the best EPs released in the back end of 2012, ‘Collarbone Jungle’ is fun, bouncy and bound to be the refreshing soundtrack to your summer.

Glass Towers -Tonight


Indie four piece Glass Towers are following on from their hit ‘Jumanji‘ with another thumping anthem called ‘Tonight‘.

Glass Towers showcase their characteristic guitar driven sound once more in ‘Tonight’ but perhaps with a little more intensity than before. Its hard indie rock and I have to admit it hits the spot for me, it has everything. I love the deep bass lines, the return of their super catchy guitar hooks, and the layered vocals really add an extra touch of class. Its rocky, guitar heavy sound has definite nods toward Bloc Party (old school stuff of course), Foals and Two Door Cinema Club, which given their success is not a bad thing. Needless to say, its great to hear some new stuff from the guys, with ‘Tonight’ being another scorching indie rock tune.

With their second EP ‘Collarbone Jungle’ due out later this month, keep your eyes out for plenty of Glass Towers tour dates.