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Battleships – To You Mini-Album Review


After causing a real buzz with their two singles ‘In Retrospect’ and ‘Your Words’, Sydney four-piece Battleships have just released a new seven track mini-album called ‘To You’.

‘To You’ is a collection of seven intelligent, atmospheric indie tracks, so good that listening to them is quickly becoming an addiction. There is something about the double guitar, bass, combo that creates this wall of authoritative guitar rock that imprints each Battleships song in your mind. Add the impressive vocal range of Jordan Sturdee and the high powered drumming by Dan McMurray and you understand why you can’t get Battleships out of your head.

Aside from the quality musicianship, the other notable thing about ‘To You’ is that there is no sign of self-indulgence. Having created a strong unique sound, Battleships don’t overdo it, and instead deliver clean cut rock that leaves you wanting more.

Whether it is the nostalgic and woody percussion dominance of ‘Coming Back to You’ or the more delicate stripped back ‘Collision’, each track offers something different. The slightly more upbeat ‘Inside’ provides a more traditional heavy rock sound, and along with the evocative melodies of  ‘Coming Back To You’, are notable inclusions. The two singles lifted from the album ‘Your Words’ and ‘In Retrospect’, are clear stand out tracks, but upon multiple listens, it is still difficult to pinpoint a weak point in the track list. The guys in Battleships also mixed and produced the mini-album all by themselves, making the end product even more impressive.

Overall, Battleships mini-album ’To You’ is a fantastic start for the band, atmospheric, deep and delivered with such aplomb. Having just won the chance to play Homebake thanks to Triple J, Battleships are showing a lot of promise, and hopefully have a lot more installments to come.