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7Bit Hero – Come On. Stand Out.



Brisbane band 7Bit Hero have just released their debut single called ‘Come On. Stand Out.‘ from their ‘We Eat Loot’ EP.

‘Come On. Stand Out.’ is an upbeat poppy number enthused with beats stripped straight from 80s video games. Its got a pretty fun and raw sound and is definitely our first taste of the puntastic Bit-pop genre that 7Bit Hero represent. Somewhat ironically, lead singer Hans actually developed new games for iPads including a rhythm based skateboard game called ‘Penny Time’, and is planning on developing a show where fans can take an interactive role in the bands life as determined using a future app of such. The music  video for ‘Come On. Stand Out.’ is one of the craziest videos I have seen in a while, and really helps capture their instrumental and interactive aims for their music.

The premise these guys bring is pretty original, and I am really keen to see how the early adapting Australian music environment receives them. Keep your eyes and ear peeled.