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Hungry Kids of Hungary – Sharp Shooter


Everybody’s favourite Brisbane indie rock group Hungry Kids of Hungary have ended the nearly unbearable wait between new sounds, with the recent release of their single ‘Sharp Shooter’.

‘Sharp Shooter’ is a good lashing of indie rock loaded with a score of burning riffs and vocal hooks. Its one of those songs that is so instantly catchy that you feel like you have heard it a thousand times before, and if you’re anything like us – probably would have sung it a thousand times before the end of the first day. Infectious and fun, and bound to be a crowd favourite for the tours that follow. ‘Sharp Shooter’ has been and will be stuck in your head for days – and to be honest its that good, I don’t really mind.

The other good news is that Hungry Kids of Hungary are bound to have more singles in store for us over the next six months, with their second album ‘You’re A Shadow’ dropping in March 2013. Get excited.