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Achoo Bless You – Before We Say Goodbye


Sydney folk pop duo Achoo Bless You have been playing the local circuit for a little while, and already gained some attention for their romantically motivated song ‘Coming Home (to you this Christmas)’. Now they are back with a new single ‘Before We Say Goodbye‘ that is one of the best folk pop songs I have heard recently.

‘Before We Say Goodbye’ is one of those folk pop songs that is so cute and warm you cannot help but smile and sigh with every listen. Yet, that last sentence doesn’t do it justice. The beautiful interplay between Asheligh Steel’s soft female tones and Ross James Tipper’s huskier male sound are second to none, and when they harmonise…it is so just so blissfully satisfying. Then, the back up vocals and soft pings of the glockenspiel kick in and ‘Before We Say Goodbye’ just lifts to another level. It has it all, and is one of those songs that instantly governs another listen,which could make any (eventual) radio play very frustrating!

With an EP in the works, keep your ears pricked for the next big thing from the talented duo that is Achoo Bless You.