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Grand Atlantic – Carved From Stone


‘Carved From Stone’ is the third single taken from Grand Atlantic’s critically acclaimed and impressively sophisticated album ‘Constellations’.

‘Carved From Stone’ is gutsy, eat your heart out rock n’ roll (plus a touch of psychadelica) that somehow maintains this intimate charm. I think it is the soft, melodic vocals by Phil Usher that seem slightly out of place, but break the deepness of the music up nicely. Instrumentally, the guitars have this heavy hum, and the bass makes my iPod vibrate like an iPhone. It is one of those songs that you can tell, when played live, would be devastatingly good. The fact that the single was officially recorded in a disused lunatic asylum in New Zealand only adds to the bands awesomeness.

If you love your guitar rock, check out Grand Atlantic’s full album ‘Constellations‘.