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Friday Cover – Cub Scouts do Boy and Bear’s ‘The Storm’


Today’s Friday cover comes from Queensland indie poppers Cub Scouts as they take on ‘The Storm‘ a cracking tune by Sydney-siders Boy and Bear.

‘With Emperor Antarctica’ remains one of my farvourite EPs of all time, and its great to see Cub Scouts take ‘The Storm’ on and rework it into their own. A fun little track all recorded on their couch, Tim Nelson does a great job with the vocals, and the tambourine combined with keys from the tiny piano are rocking. Be sure to check out Tim Nelsons YouTube page, as it is filled with many takes of songs ranging from Brittney Spears to Washington.

Breaking Hart Benton – Don’t Change (INXS Cover)


Inspired by the Like a Versions Triple J do each friday, I bring you another cool cover song, this time by Breaking Hart Benton covering INXS‘s ‘Don’t Change‘.

If somebody said they could play a great INXS cover with just a banjo and acoustic guitar, I would have been pretty skeptical. However, this stripped back take on ‘Don’t Change’ takes nothing away from the original, with the banjo and acoustic guitar blending pretty well together. The banjo in particular really provides such beautiful plucky sounds that I could never have imagined in an INXS song. This cover also seems to deliver a much more heartfelt and warm sound to it, perhaps best shown by the The ‘Don’t Change’ harmonies in the last 30 seconds.

Keep an eye out for Breaking Hart Benton as they continue to work on their own new tunes.