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Hudson Arc – Experimental String-Pop

Hudson Arc

Quirky pop outfit Hudson Arc have just released their debut album ‘In an Ocean of Sacrifice’ which is enjoyable change to your normal pop album.

Hudson Arc is the brainchild of music ‘guru’ Gareth Hudson, who after meeting string band Ensemble Arc (Tadijana Ilicic, Jamie Pollock, Rachel Pogson) decided to join and create something unique. Hudson is no stranger to the music and has produced tracks by the likes of hip hop MC Briggs and Hilltop Hoods in his own recording studio ‘Hazy Cosmic Jive’.

Hudson Arc achieved their aims as they do produce quite an different sound. As you listen to them you can sense the same rhythms and melodies of your stereotypical pop songs, but they have this unique stripped back feel to them that you could only get with the use of string instruments. Yet they are not classical sounding at all, instead being quite experimental. ‘London Town’ has some literally exploding beats, ‘Crazy About the End’ can only be described as the string version of dubstep, and ‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ is a well done more typical strings track.

However, my favourite song off the album ‘In an Ocean of Sacrifice’ is  ‘Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy’. This is the song that I really think brings it all together and best characterises the upbeat classy pop sound Hudson Arc make. Each aspect is relatively simple but put together sounds great. It has a fantastic beat, laid out by the egg shaker, a great bass riff, and the vocals are clear and strong. I especially like the way the bass tapers off to let the strings finish off each chorus, it hits the spot every time.

‘In an Ocean of Sacrifice’ pushed the boundaries as to what I though could be accomplished when you put a singer-songwriter and a string ensemble together. It is a really unique album, so be sure to check out Hudson Arc’s facebook page and website to listen to more tracks.