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The Version Suicides – The Grates remixed by Whyte Fang

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Grates latest album, Secret Rituals, I was super excited to hear that they were going to release a short EP entitled, ‘The Version Suicides’, remixing some of the songs of this latest album.

The DJ behind the remixes was Whyte Fang, a top-secret Sydney female who claims to be the lovechild of The Knife/Depeche Mode. Whyte Fang received a bit of hype recently when she released the song ‘Thy New Sound’ via soundcloud (, but as of yet hasn’t received much airplay. In fact the get-together with the Grates, from the neutral perspective all seems a bit random, but according to the Grates website “is the kind of place we desired our songs to go”. In a recent interview, Whyte Fang tells that she was approached by The Grates to remix their music and upon hearing Patience’s vocals, was “Instantly inspired to write”.

The result was an EP in which ‘Turn Me On’, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Like You Could Have It All’, ‘Borrowed Skin’ and ‘Crying All Night’ were stripped back, slowed down and remixed to electro beats, clearly emphasizing Patience’s distinctive vocals. Although each track follows the general trends mentioned above, they also each have their own distinct sounds, creating an interesting and satisfying listen.

Both parties admitted to loving the end result, surprised at how well both genres mixed, and I have to agree. I have no doubt that the incognito Whyte Fang will not remain a phantom for much longer, possibly following in the paths of other DJs such as Miami Horror or the Aston Shuffle to release their own feature length albums.