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Owl Eyes – Love Run Dry

owl eyes

Following on from their earlier single ‘Crystallised‘, Owl Eyes have just dropped a new tune ‘Love Run Dry‘ which is sure to feature on their yet unnamed album they are working on.

‘Love Run Dry’ features the forever fantastical and dreamy vocals of Brooke Addamo mixed with an eclectic combination of indie beats and electric synth overlays. It follows the same vein as ‘Crystallised’ and ‘Raiders’, being more of that relaxing, slightly electro dream-pop that has become synonymous with Owl Eyes music. Owl Eyes have found their niche, and ‘Love Run Dry’ is another enjoyable track from Brooke Addamo and her band.

Owl Eyes has already commented on how scary she finds the concept of making an album. However, with two singles out, and work clearly underway on a new album, I hope we don’t her nerves have settled and we don’t have to wait to long to hear the finished project.


Art of Sleeping – Live Review at Oxford Art Factory

From @selectmusic

from @selectmusic

I caught Art of Sleeping at the Oxford Art Factory last Thursday playing in support of Owl Eyes ‘Crystallized’ Tour.

The first thing I want to make very clear, is that Art of Sleeping have no right to be a support act, and this will surely be their last tour in doing so. If not, the world really has gone mental.

From the opening track to the end, they rocked. But it wasn’t just your average band putting on a solid show,they defined stage presence. Art of Sleeping created this whole atmosphere around their music, and I swear the mood in the room changed, the air became heavier and everyone was totally absorbed in the performance on stage. I felt like I had experienced some sort of divine intervention, or maybe it was just because the front man, Caleb Hodges, had an uncanny resembelence to Jesus. Given how incredible his vocals actually were, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was actually the man himself.

The two standout tracks had to be ‘Colourblind’ and ‘Empty Hands’, but their whole set was explosive. They soak atmospheric rhythms with reverb guitars like no other band I have seen on the circuit lately. It was hard to pick a weak moment in their set. They are one band who you should definitely catch live and whose upcoming EP I cannot wait to hear! Here’s to hoping for a short wait.