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Q and As with Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts
We last spoke to you following your debut ‘Told You So’ EP release last year. I imagine the last year has been a whirlwind, what have the highlights been.
Embarking on our first international tour through the UK and Asia was incredible. Then we got to come home and play at Splendour In The Grass and release our second EP ‘Paradise.’ It’s been a great year so far!
In January Your single ‘Told You So’, ended up peaking at number 16 in the US college charts. Is it weird to know that people on the other side of the world are loving your music? Are you generally amazed at the response you guys have received internationally?
Yeah that was a really nice surprise. We’ve been lucky with radio support in Australia, so to see that happen in the US with college radio was really amazing.
Pool was your first new single for the year. Two questions. Was it fun including an exclamation mark (Pool!) in your song title? Secondly, you guys seem like a pretty fun upbeat bunch, did any of you jump of a roof to inspire the song?
Yes, the exclamation mark is very fun. I actually wrote that song about a period of time where my friends and I would end up breaking into a public pool every time we went out. We used to climb onto the roof then jump down into the pools, I should probably leave it there before I get myself into too much trouble.
New single, Paradise has been the song that everybody is bouncing along to at the moment. What is the story behind the song, and how did it all end up coming together? 
There isn’t really a specific story or event that I wrote it about, but the idea behind it is that sometimes we have ‘paradise’ in our lives and don’t really realise that until it’s over. There are periods of my life that I look back on as some of the best times, but I know that at the time I didn’t realise how happy I actually was.  I wrote it the night before we headed down to Melbourne to do some recording. I wrote most of it while I was driving home from work. I recorded a voice memo on my phone then when I got home I went to the piano and sort of just played it start to finish. The next day I played it for our producer John Castle at the studio and we knocked it over really quickly.

Is ‘Paradise’ in any way paying homage to Coldplay?
Haha no, but I do think that song is good.
We’ve touched on the first two singles, but obviously you also have a new EP out. Did your approach to the ‘Paradise EP’ differ to your first EP given the rise in popularity.
I don’t think our approach has really changed very much. Our main objective from the start of Cub Scouts has always been to make music that we enjoy and to make sure that everything we do feels right. If you start thinking about what other people want from you, I think it takes away a lot of the fun and natural creative process.
Also how would you describe the end result of the EP, and what conditions should we be listening in to get the most out of it?
I’m really happy with how it’s come together. There are some really varying sounds on the EP, but I think the themes and feelings from all of the songs work well together and it all kind of ties in. Overall it’s a pretty warm, summery collection of songs, so maybe cruisin’ in the car with mates would be a good way to listen to it.
You are touring off the back of the EP. Where are you going and who are you taking with you? Any shows your particularly keen for?
We’re supporting Jinja Safari on their big national tour of Australia! There are plenty of regional shows that I’m looking forward to. Especially Margaret River!
What is next for Cub Scouts? 
The tour with Jinja Safari and then spending some time working on our debut album!

Cub Scouts – Paradise

Cub Scouts

Brisbane’s favourite indie poppers Cub Scouts are back with another super catchy number called ‘Paradise‘.

At the opening few bars I could have sworn that ‘Paradise’  belonged more to the likes of Panama or Mitzi with its distinct indie dance vibe. However, once the high end vocals of Tim Nelson kick in its hard not to deny its a Cub Scouts tune, with his sweet voice setting the pace for an equally relaxing and groovy pop number. I must admit I like the slightly dancier feel compared to their earlier tracks, and think it could reach to those outside the Triple J/indie realm. If it’s not already obvious, I am a huge fan of ‘Paradise’ and sense that their new 5 song ‘Paradise EP’ due for release on August 2nd will be ever better than their debut!

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Q and As with Cub Scouts


One of the more exciting acts of 2012, we caught up with the Cub Scouts just before they reached global domination. If this interview is anything to go by 2013 could be even more interesting for the band! 

Start off by giving us a brief history about how you guys met, and formed Cub Scouts.

Most of us went to school together or knew each other through school people. I had written some songs an wanted to play them with a full band. We played shows for a while and did some recording. Towards the end of 2011, we kind of shuffled things around, lost a member and started a new project, which is when Cub Scouts started.


How exactly did the name Cub Scouts come about?

Sam came up with it. I think it’s got something to do with us looking young or something.


What genre would you describe your music is? And what’s the appeal of it to you guys?

Pop or Indie/Pop or something. The appeal of it is that it’s a pretty fun genre, so it’s easy to enjoy playing it!


Who is your biggest music inspiration?

It changes too often to think of one person. Our producer John Castle is pretty inspiring though!


Did you ever predict that Cub Scouts would receive such a great reaction all around Australia? How does it feel?

No, not at all. It feels weird and good.


What’s something you’ve learnt whilst travelling around Australia on your tour?

Australia is a cool place and it’s hard I stay healthy without sleeping/eating properly.


What’s your favourite part about being a part of the music industry?

When things go well!


What’s the best performance you’ve had so far?

Probably our home town show in Brisbane on our most recent tour, it was really funny and good!


Does it ever get difficult being in a band? Ever have any fights between each other or is it always rainbows and butterflies?

It can be difficult at times, but not with each other. We haven’t fought at all yet, it’s a pretty amazing group of people to always be with. Zoe and Dan have physical fights every single tour we go on and it’s the best.


Who’s the most famous band/musician you’ve met?

Probably Lesley Feist!


Ever had an embarrassing moment in front of an audience or a band you really like? If so, what happened?

Something kind of embarrassing happened backstage at Laneway this year but I can’t really say or I’ll get in trouble haha


Where would you like to see yourselves, to see Cub Scouts, in 5 years time?

Hopefully living off the band with a few albums under our belts!


What are the plans for the future? 2013 looking big?

We’ve got lots of plans that we can’t really share yet, but it’s looking like it’s gonna be a giant version of 2012.


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Cub Scouts – I Told You So EP Review


Brisbane indie/pop band Cub Scouts have released their debut EP ‘Told You So’, and the should-be-named Babe Scouts have struck gold with this melodic, refreshing and utterly charming EP.

The Cub Scouts were able to work with John Castle (The Boat People, Dan Parsons, Washington, The Cat Empire) who recorded and produced the EP, with his experience clearly having a glowing affect on the tracks and their sound. This 5-piece Triple J Unearthed gem-of-a-band have a lot of potential, and you’ll agree after a long listen to their debut EP.

As soon as the first second of ‘Evie’ reaches your ears, you know you’re in for a good time and a good listen. This fun, upbeat track will have you toe tapping along in no time. Tim Nelson’s vocals ooze an easy listening sound, intertwining with the thick sound of this fresh summer tune. ‘Told you so’ provides a cool keyboard melody from the baben Tim along with his airy vocals, producing a dreamy sound. The harmonies and long phrasing add to this vibe. The tone of the keyboard reminds me of the Mario games, enhancing a sense of nostalgia, which brings back the happiness of childhood. The Bubble O’ Bill ice cream in the ‘Told You So’ official video also plays with that nostalgia atmosphere (see link to the official video below). The guitars really shine in ‘Do You Hear’ with Andrew Williams absolutely killing it, the sweet guitar riff adding a great element to the track. The harmonies are also a striking factor, working well with the sounds and tune. The harmonies stand out the most in ‘Scream’, which is a slower track on the EP, the vocals echo in such a way that has a lasting impression on the ears. The lyrics also make a good impression, and it’s a song you’d want to spend listening to on a lazy, sunny afternoon. Tim definitely is a stand out with his airy, light vocals clearly evident in ‘Hands’ where his vocals are the focus. With the standout performance of his vocal range and ability in ‘Light Me Up’, which is a slower, gentler track with great sounds and beats integrated within it.

These five babes will be on tour this December. 7th of December in Brisbane, December 13th in Sydney, December 14th in Adelaide and December 15th in Melbourne.

The Cub Scouts, have got my heart on a string this week and you may suffer the same fate after listening to their debut EP. So do have a deep listen and see for yourself.

Friday Cover – Cub Scouts do Boy and Bear’s ‘The Storm’


Today’s Friday cover comes from Queensland indie poppers Cub Scouts as they take on ‘The Storm‘ a cracking tune by Sydney-siders Boy and Bear.

‘With Emperor Antarctica’ remains one of my farvourite EPs of all time, and its great to see Cub Scouts take ‘The Storm’ on and rework it into their own. A fun little track all recorded on their couch, Tim Nelson does a great job with the vocals, and the tambourine combined with keys from the tiny piano are rocking. Be sure to check out Tim Nelsons YouTube page, as it is filled with many takes of songs ranging from Brittney Spears to Washington.

4 Walls Festival Announces Line-Up


Three stages, eight hours of non-stop music and a variety of genres spanning from indie-folk to heavy metal, Brisbane’s 4 Walls Festival is an event geared to bring you the very best of Australia’s freshest up-and-coming talent.

Now in its third year, the all ages event has seen the likes of Matt Corby and Last Dinosaurs take to the stage in the past, right before they were swept up into the loving arms of our nation. This year’s festival boasts a similar caliber of talent with The Paper Kites, The Medics, Millions, Cub Scouts, The Belligerents and Fairchild Republic announced as festival headliners.

If you are in Brisbane on the 4th of August, this is guaranteed to be an awesome day out so be sure to stick the date in your diary, make sure your free, and rock out to some of the best new talent coming out of Australia.

The full line-up for the 4 Walls Festival in Brisbane is as follows:

The Paper Kites
The Medics
Cub Scouts
The Belligerents
Fairchild Republic
Stu Larsen
Stephen Smith
Red Revolver
The Decider
Hannah Karydas
Bandito Folk
The Vernons
Payne Rd
Moonshine Sally

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