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Cub Scouts – Seeing A Band About a Dog


Cub Scouts are an energetic Brisbane 5 piece that have received some airplay for ‘Evie’ and are sure to be blazing the airwaves around the country when their EP drops later this year.

‘Evie’ is both the Cub Scouts first single and preview to their upcoming EP to be released in this half of 2012. It combines well characterised lighthearted indie-pop with some rather novel steel drums to create a real calypso sound that helps to distinguish the Cub Scouts from the plethora of indie pop bands coming out of everywhere. The song lyrically appears to be of the stalkerish ‘I like this girl, she doesn’t know me’ theme, with phrases such as the opening line “I know a girl who is a puzzle of a thousand pieces” illustrating the point. However in a humourous twist the song is actually inspired by a dog called Evie, which is the title picture – courtesy of pianist and lead singer Tim Nelson via twitter (Follow us @aussieplaylist and @cubscoutsmusic).

The best bit is that you can download ‘Evie’ for FREE at their bandcamp page, such generous people.

With the Cub Scouts rocking the steel drums better than any other band, I can’t wait to hear their latest installment when their EP drops. I will keep you all up to date on the new releases page. Until then enjoy the video below and check out some of their other youtube covers.