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The Deer Republic – Young Reverie


Sydney’s Tooheys UncharTED winners from a couple of years ago, The Deer Republic have produced an indie masterpiece with their latest track ‘Young Reverie‘.

‘Young Reverie’ channels this distinct Arcade Fire (or should I say Delta Goodrem???) vibe, layering harmonies, rich percussion beats and cascading guitars to creating a track that just oozes charm. It is the delicateness and softness of the vocals thats adds an extra facet to The Deer Republic that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Add the soulful harmonies, a fantastic marching beat, and rich array of guitar sounds, and you have one of those songs that is hard not to enjoy. ‘Young Reverie’ is an awesome tune, and the newly released videoclip is also pretty sweet, wrapped in all its snow capped mountain goodness.

‘Reverie’ is fantastic listen, and I hope Deer republic keep producing the goods, because I think they aren’t far from creating something very (very) special.