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Danco – High And Lonely


When not manning the Evermore drums, Dann Hume is working on his solo side project Danco where he has just released his first track called  ‘High and Lonely’.

‘High and Lonely’ is a gutsy pop tune that has a real pulse and kick to it. Underpinned It one of those unsuspecting songs that is simply layered, but somehow manages to creep up on you and unload into tapestry of sound and emotion. On every listen it delivers something different, sometimes you groove to the beat, other times you sing along, occasionally you just sit there and ponder the story the lyrics divulge. And to wrap it all off, the closing instrumental melody is so polite and charming you cannot feel happy listening to ‘High and Lonely’.  There is something about Danco that makes his music such a delight to listen to, and I cannot wait for the next installment.