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Glass Towers – Featuring Some Glass Shattering Guitar Riffs


Sydney foursome Glass Towers have already had a bit of success in Australia, having played Splendour in the Grass in 09′ thanks to a great effort in Triple Js Unearthed competition, supported some big names like Tame Impala and Last Dinosaurs and released their debut ‘What We Were, When We Were’ EP at the end of 2011.

In 2012 the band have released an awesome new single called ‘Jumanji’ that contains some damn right electrifying guitar hooks. It also has a pretty sick base line and some great hi-hat work by drummer Daniel Muszynski, whilst the vocals by Benjamin Hannam are relaxed and hazy.  ‘Jumanji’ is such an up tempo and fun listen, and I just can’t get enough of it – especially the guitars.

In fact ‘Jumanji’ reminds me (and others) a lot of the Last Dinosaurs track ‘Honolulu’ which has led to some criticism for a lack of originality. Given the bands have toured together its likely that they may have been influenced slightly, but regardless of the similarities ‘Jumanji’ is still a great listen in its own right. Other than the similarities in the opening riff, the songs are structured quite differently and you only have to listen to  the ‘What We Were, When We Were’ EP to see that both bands have different sounds.

With a debut record due out later this year, expect to see much more of Glass Towers and their infectious guitar riffs.