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Warning Birds – Dark Places

Warning Birds

WAs Warning Birds are in the midst of releasing a debut EP and have given us the first taste of what to expect with the single ‘Dark Places’.

The aptly named ‘Dark Places’ is a fantastic indie tune combining driving beats and cascading guitars with some intense emotional undertones. Much like their previous release ‘Sally’, the thoroughly enjoyable music somewhat hides the deeper meaning, providing a listen that on face value is pretty easy on the ears, but really garnishes appreciation with every future listen as the brain toys with the lyrics. There is something about the crispness of Sam Carmody’s voice that also hits the spot, and in part may play a role in disguising the true nature of ‘Dark Places’. Luckily with a title like ‘Dark Places’, it doesn’t take a genius to uncover its true worth.

Aside from their debut EP ‘Battle Plans’ which is to be released in March of this year, Warning Birds are also making the trek over to play their first ever East Coast shows at The St Kilda Festival this Sunday (Feb 10th) and beforehand in some Sydney showcases at the Oxford Art Factory (later Today) and the Forbes Hotel (Friday the 8th). Don’t miss out!


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