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Dave – Red Eye




Hailing for WA is Dave, a band who oddly enough have no members by that name. What they do have is ripper of a single in ‘Red Eye‘.

For an outfit that spent their formative years locked away in a garages writing songs and rehearsing relentlessly, ‘Red Eye’ has showed their efforts have paid off. The layered guitars and effortless manner in which James Sprivulis glides through his range of vocals is sensational. Add the soaring punchy hooks and it is easy to see why Dave are turning heads. ‘Red Eye’ is one of those songs that bounds along with youthful energy and has you tapping along with every beat. Inspired by the girl that got away, the lyrics of ‘Red Eye’ go, “I wrote a song to no avail”. Well they may have lost the girl, but it has inspired one hell of an indie pop tune.

Here’s to hoping that Dave take the Red Eye over to the East Coast with a tour sooner rather than later.