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The Black Catapult Emerging Aussie Punk

Black catapult


The Black Catapult are a punk rock four piece from Brisbane that have already achieved much success in the music industry, being the only Australian Punk band to make the International Emergenza Grand Final . In addition the band also have the top three songs in the Triple J punk charts with ‘Get it Up’, ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Where it Ends’.

Whilst on the heavier side of what I usually listen to, Black Catapult have made a fan out of me, and I think this is largely due to their ability to ensure the rampaging drums played by Peter Hart don’t drown out the vocals of lead singer David Reynolds. In fact Reynolds vocals also deserve a special mention as they are actually enjoyable to listen to, compared to a lot of rock bands where the music is awesome, but the vocals let them down – a problem The Black Catapult don’t have.

Their most popular song, ‘Where it Ends’ has a sweet time change in the first 10 seconds, before delivering a fast paced, tight sound that with no disrespect shows shades of old school ‘Good Charlotte’ – before they married celebrities. At the same time, the band also shows metal influences with the screeching back-up vocals which definitely adds some aggression to the already energy laden track. The simple bass backs up the guitar and drum work well, with the vocals (as I mentioned) not being overpowered at all.

Whilst you might not have heard of The Black Catapult yet (they haven’t received any airplay on Triple J – probably because they are not hipster enough), their plans to return to  the recording studio in 2012 and push out a new album is definitely going to increase their presence in the Aussie music scene.  So watch out and rock on…