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The Daylight Braves – Summer At Last

daylight braves

Although perhaps the wrong time of year to have discovered this summer themed gem, now defunct Adelaide rockers The Daylight Baves have put together something really special in ‘Summer At Last’.

Psychedelic rock is really making a resurgence in the Australian music scene, and ‘Summer At Last’ really justifies this rediscovered popularity. Loaded with rich swirling guitars and driving rhythms, the hazy vocals of Dan Beacom really help add to the tracks laid back vibe. ‘Summer At Last’ just delivers its message little more punch and with a bit more swagger than many of the other bands out there, perhaps channeling the recent successes of fellow purveyors of psychedelica Deep Sea Arcade. Point is, ‘Summer At Last’ is a freaking awesome tune.

They may have just disbanded, but be sure to check out the new two man band ‘Kids With Teeth’ put together from the remnants of The Daylight Braves.