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Little Scout – Go Quietly

little scout

Four piece indie pop band Little Scout hail from Brisbane and have recently released their super cute single ‘Go Quietly‘.

Bordering on psychedelic, ‘Go Quietly’ is bolder and more fuzzy than their previous tracks ‘ We Are Walking Out’ and ‘Dead Loss’, I really like the new direction Little Scout have taken. Again the standout is Mel Tickle’s vocals, which manage to carefully toe the line between being sweet and melodic, and overbearingly sugary. I also like the more brassy tribal infused drum patterns, whilst the fuzzed out guitars helped create this slinky dark vibe to the tune. The sudden drop ending was fantastic, unpredicatable and that perfect way to leave you wanting more.

Little Scout are in the lead up to their sophomore album, so expect more gorgeous vocals accompanied by some left-field instrumental changes before the year is out.