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Made in Japan – Sight and Sounds Review


Newtown rockers Made in Japan have already received Triple J airplay and established quite a reputation in the Sydney music scene and last month released their debut LP ‘Sight and Sounds’ which is sure to see their population spread further.

In their own words, Made in Japan describe their sound on the album as “open, atmospheric, pop music with a driving rhythm section, soaring guitars and intimate vocals” and to be honest they are pretty on the money. This is probably best shown in the tracks ‘What It Is’ and ‘Pairs’.

‘What It Is’ had me at the opening riff, let alone before the keyboards kicked in. The harmonies in this track sound awesome and add something different to help this song really stand out from the rest of the album. The tempo and arrangement of the instruments is well done, and really allows you to get your groove on and have a shuffle. Its a totally dance-able, fun, super catchy indie rock track.

The amazing thing that Made in Japan manage to do in ‘Pairs’ is to add such an element of chilled-ness (It is a word) to a track that has some epic guitars and pretty pacey drumming. The dynamics of the song are incredible, the mixture of breaks and changes in tempo between the drums and guitars create a killer of a track and one that you can listen to over and over. And yes, the vocals are as crisp as ever, just to put the cherry on top.

The rest of the album is pretty solid, and finishes off with a great marathon track called ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ that has characteristic pulsing beats, rich guitars and smooth vocals. Its a great track to end with and leaves you more than satisfied.

The guys are also so generous that they are letting you stream their album in full from their website. So check it out,it has made a great addition to my iPod playlists. It is incredible to think that a band this great is not more popular, I really love their sound and their live shows are exceptional. Also if you read this in time, the guys will be playing the Standard for ONLY $5 this weekend so be sure to catch them live, ticket info here.