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The Sunsleepers – Smoke Before the Fire


Melbourne rockers The Sunsleepers are producing some absolutely wicked indie pop tunes, and if their two releases in 2011 are anything to go by 2012 could be a pretty exciting year for the foursome.

The bands debut EP ‘The Smoke Before the Fire’, a title perhaps reminiscent of their impending popularity, is a pretty solid listen. In general the tracks are fast paced, bouncy and fun, the type that you can’t help but tap the fingers and maybe even break out into a bit of a bop, this kicks off in opening track ‘Decider’.

The influences of ‘Tegan and Sara’ are shown in the EPs second and third tracks in ‘The Fool’ and ‘Fading in/Fading out’, where the vocals are a little softer, the band make use of backing singers and music is a little more calm in comparison to their other tracks. The lyrics in ‘Fading in/Fading out’ are a bit random and nonsensical at times, but doesn’t really stop the track being a good listen. ‘Take Cover’ is a return to the bouncy indie rock that I think best characterises The Sunsleepers.

‘I Will Find You’, a track off their debut release in March 2011 is a super-catchy piece. The vocals of lead singer Amanda Norman are so sweet, soft and clear and mixes with the music so well. Instrumentally the music is incredible, the plucky guitars to start, pulsing drums and stop/start beats add some real punch to create a fantastic indie pop rock track.

I personally prefer the more upbeat, dance-able indie tracks that the Sunsleepers have produced as I think that the more mellow tracks don’t really allow the band to cement their own identity. ‘Fading in/Fading Out’ borders on that generic soft indie pop sound, and there is nothing wrong with that, but compared to ‘Decider’, ‘Take Cover’ and ‘I Will Find You’ it just lacks that real kick.

I’m sure The Sunsleepers will have some new tracks in 2012, until then you can watch the Sunsleepers playing  ‘New York’ – more of their infectious indie pop rock below.