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Boy and Bear – Walk the Wire

Boy and BearSydney favourite’s Boy and Bear are back with ‘Walk the Wire‘, their first salivating taste of forthcoming LP number three.

‘Walk the Wire’ is much more ‘Moonfire’ than ‘Harlequin Dream’, with a return to the uptempo percussion and pulsing bass riffs that made ‘Feeding Line’ and ‘Milk and Sticks’ such classics. Its also good to hear that Dave Hosking’s vocals are still as pleasant as ever. With the boys announcing that ‘Limit of Love’, their third studio album, will be out October 9th I am excited to hear a lot more from Boy and Bear.


Berlin Blue – Used to Know

Berlin BlueUsed to Know’ is the new indie pop number from Sydney band Berlin Blue.

Armed with fast paced beats, shredding electric riffs and soaring vocal hooks, its clear from the first listen that there is going to be a lot to love from this threesome. Taken from their newly released self-titled debut EP, the boys have shown they have a penchant for creating energetic sing-a-longs – the type where you feel like you know the words before you have even heard the song once. Its fun, damn catchy and has left me keen for more.


Ali Barter – Hypercolour

AliAli Barter has just dropped her tantalizing new single ‘Hypercolour‘, a sweet mix of old school Americana and indie electro.

Ali Barter’s latest offering is redefining the boundaries of her sound, with some stylistic nods towards The Preatures and Ladyhawke as she encompasses an 80s throwback with the inclusion of classic almost Eurythmics-style electro beat. The gritty baseline rides with the smooth vocals to create an upbeat, punchy listen, which combined with the retro vibes adds a distinct ‘coolness’ to way the ‘Hypercolour’ connects with you. Its got that subtle edginess that makes you kind of feel like you’re doing an injustice to the music if you don’t have black glasses and leather on whilst listening. Having wooed myself and other fans alike whilst supporting Husky and then The War on Drugs last year, its great to see Ali Barter continuing with the goods in 2015.

MYAMI – Soldier (prod. by Wayfarer//)

myamiMYAMI is a chick from Melbourne with a tremendous set of lungs on her and a real penchant for creating ballin’ RnB fused tunes.

‘Soldier’ is a track that is built around the strength of MYAMI’s vocals. They are loud, clear and instantly attention grabbing, with MYAMI having one of those voices that you feel could be entertaining in a capella. Yet, I also feel that the earthy RnB beats provided by Wayfarer are a perfect accompaniment to match the vocal prowess, and like the way it provides a nod towards nostalgic RnB group Destiny’s Child and Maria Carey, which MYAMI openly admits as influences. If you like what you’re hearing then be sure to keep an ear to the ground for the release of MYAMI’s EP due out late this year.

Little Fox – Edits

Little FoxSydney-sider Little Fox has been kicking around the town for over a year now, and I expect that things are really going to heat up with the release of her flawless new single ‘Edits’.

‘Edits’ has this ethereal quality to it, it is just so smooth and effortlessly beautiful it almost disarms any preconceived stress you have. It is one of those rare songs that has an innate ability to induce the ears and mind into unintentional state of relax. Little Fox reminds me of Emma Louise, given the strong female vocals and minimalist nature to ‘Edits’, and is definitely one for those fans of slower atmospheric electronica. I enjoyed ‘Warrior’ off Little Fox’s debut EP, but ‘Edits’ is next echelon and leaves me super excited to see how Little Fox’s sound continues to develop.

Nova and The Experience – Whole Body

NOva and The ExperienceSeveral weeks back Nova and The Experience dropped their latest track ‘Whole Body’ and the reception it received was incredible.

Having been big fans of Nova and The Experience for a couple of years (Dragonflies and Waterfalls hooked us), you can imagine our excitement and shock (but mainly excitement) when we saw that ‘Whole Body’ debuted at number 9 on the ARIA singles chart. Whilst ‘Whole Body’ has definitely seen the band have the ‘big pop makeover’ to make their music more accessible, the boy/girl vocal interplay that underpins their sound is still phenomenal. With a big tour in the USA coming up soon, expect these guys to keep going from strength to strength.

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