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Morning Harvey – Love&loveand. EP Review

Morning HarveyMorning Harvey are genre blending four piece out of Brisbane who have released a atmospheric and entertaining EP called ‘Love&loveand.’.

With an EP title that is a grammar Nazi’s worst nightmare, you instantly assume that this EP is either so good its an offering from the gods, or more likely, that a group of dickheads have dropped an EP where the only hype is self generated. As it turns out, the answer lies closer towards an offering.

This Brisbane foursome have made an EP that is instantly addictive with a nigh on perfect amalgamation of psychedelia and 80s garage rock, with a healthy sprinkling of modern indie. The diversity makes this an instantly accessible album, sure to delight the modern fans of Tame Impala through to Oasis and even lovers of the classics like The Velvet Underground.

Morning Harvey suck you in from the outset announcing the beginning of your grandiose sonic adventure with a fuzz filled, grunge laden, stomping tune by the name  ‘Pinch Me Velvet’. The follow up ‘Smith Street Swap Meet’ is another giant soaring rock odyssey and probably my favourite track of the EP, with the jangled guitars and hazy vocals really striking a chord.

To be honest, the guitar work throughout the EP is pretty rad and probably the major factor that makes it such an appealing listen. There is something about the way Morning Harvey make each hook so individually noticeable, yet when combined create a viscous cloud of sound that is so thick it appears as one, hitting the spot and engulfing your ears in full in the process.

‘Quince’ signs off the EP with its swaggering harmonies and soaring meshwork of guitars leaving you hastily checking your watch to see if you have time to start ‘Pinch Me Velvet’ and listen all over again. Safe to say, Morning Harvey have captured my ears with ‘Love&loveand.’ being one of the best listens in my recent times. Check it out and feel free to join me as one of the converted.

Palms – Love


Palms is a Sydney band formed from the ashes of Red Riders, and they have just released a new song called ‘Love‘, the perfect follow up to ‘Summer is Done With Us‘.

Strangely enough, ‘Love’ is about love, and weaves its way through the topic backed by some plucky bass and the wailing vocals of Al Grigg. It possesses a real retro vibe to it, and I think this is largely due to the rawness of all sounds involved. I think this rawness also enables the listen to feel the emotion in ‘Love’ that gets lost in some love songs.  The other great thing about ‘Love’ is that after one listen you can sing along to it. Its simple and come their live shows I’m sure that the crowd will be wailing with them, and perhaps the slightly drunker emotional ones will be having a teary in the corner.

Overall, ‘Love’ is an awesome new song for Palms, and it shows that swapping Vietnamese food for recording time doesn’t damage the end product. In fact, quite the contrary.


Top 20 Aussie Songs for 2011

Aussie Music Flag

It seems a bit pretentious for your first blog posts to be about the best Australian albums, songs and videoclips of 2011. However there is something really enjoyable about looking back over the last 12 months and exploring the music that really hit the spot. Whilst I say the best , I mean my favourites, and hence I differ from from what the critics and preachers at Triple J think (I thought Kimbra was very average). I have also included youtube links to all the songs…although not all have official videos attached to them. Hopefully it also gives you a good idea on my music preferences. Anyway guys, enjoy and let me know what you think!

My Favourite Aussie Songs for 2011

20) Young Pricks – The Grates. Just released their new album and this is my pick of it. Catchy, upbeat and you have to love the distinctive voice of lead singer Patience Hodgson.

19) Raiders – Owl Eyes. A clearly talented band, whose two EPs have got me eagerly waiting for their first full album, hopefully coming in 2012. Here is the title track of the Raiders EP.

also check out her awesome cover of foster the people:

18) China – Sparkadia. The fact that lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and general one man band Alex Burnett continued to produce music despite the rest of the member deserting him is incredible. Here is my favourite, and probably the song that received the most airtime, China.

17) Land of the Blood Unknown – The Middle East. This was a great band from Queensland that tragically broke up this year. I loved this chilled song, and personally believe this, not Lara Bingle, would have been better to hear on the ‘Where the bloody hell are you!’ ads.

16) Fly – Nantes. This is a great raw song with catchy rifts that has really brought Sydney four-piece Nantes into the Australian music scene. They are touring in February as part of the ‘Triple Treat Tour’, If you want to catch them live there are more details here.

15) Work, Work, Work – True Vibenation are an up and coming Sydney hip-hop band who will feature on Triple J over the summer. This is a an awesome video clip by itself, but with the up-tempo beats, saxophones, and intelligent lyrics, I think there is more to come from this trio.

14) Love, Love, Love – Avalanche City. We’ve had work, work, work and thus it seemed appropriate for love, love, love to be close by. A cool song characterized by lead singer Dave Baxter’s smooth voice, and acoustic guitar tones.

13) Somebody That I Used To Know – Given that it won an ARIA and has had over 20 million youtube views, its no surprise that this song appears in my top 20 song for 2011. Uses a pretty clever beat, similar to clock ticks, to give the appearance of time passing which given the song title and lyrics is quite clever.

12) It’s Nice To Be Alive – Ball Park Music. Compared to their other songs which tend to be more sarcastic in their lyrics, this is a more serious song about the joys of living. Great listen when doing nothing but relaxing with a couple of brews.

11) I Can Show You – Tim and Jean. Although they got slammed for the lack of sophistication in their lyrics by people who get paid to have opinions on music, I really enjoyed this electro song. Hopefully you guys do too!

10) Glorious Feeling – Joelistics. Another Aussie hip hop band with a lot of potential, deliver a well crafted piece.

9) Design Desire – Abbe May. A great rock song on a band who just released their first full length album.

8 ) Mr Polite – The Jungle Giants. A catchy song that has received a fair bit of airplay and has a pretty sick video clip.

7) iFly – Ball Park Music. Technically this song was released last year, but as Ball Park Music’s album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs only just came out, and I liked this song, I’m going to include it in 2011. A really clever sarcastic take on the effects of alcohol and relationships.

6) Endless Summer – The Jezabels. It felt like a lifetime waiting for their latest and first full length record, Prisoner, to drop. Luckily it was sound and this is my favourite song of the new record.

5) Aspen New York – Bluejuice. This song really takes off at the chorus, but I’m loving the work of keyboardist Jerry Craib in this great little number off their recently released album Company.

4) Escapee – Architecture in Helsinki. This is a fun song, very upbeat and great song to listen to to when gearing up for a night out.

3) Feeding Line – Boy and Bear. A song that has received much radio play both on Triple J and the mainstream stations, and rightly so.

2) Majesty – The Panics. I love this song. I like the way they use the Timpani’s to set the song with a deep beat  and then mix it with the smooth vocals and sophisticated lyrics of lead singer Jae Laffer. Jae referred to the song as a ‘battle cry’ – not to sure about that but it was pretty good.

1) Golden Jubilee – Boy and Bear. This was hands down my favourite song of the year. I loved everything about this song. I was so glad to see their ARIAs success.