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Edward Deer – Washed Ashore

edward deer

Edward Deer is a singer/songwriter from Sydney who has given us the first taste of his debut album ‘About Monsters‘, with the deep, spooky song ‘Washed Ashore‘.

Edward Deer has this amazing talent of being able to connect with the listener both lyrically, and vocally, singing in such a deep and touching manner. His voice combines with the haunting lyrics to create this visual tapestry of emotions that have inspired his song. Add the eerie whistling, slow calm beats, and soft guitars, and you have a song that is not just melancholy, but chilling, and really matches the intense emotion in the lyrics and vocals. ‘Washed Ashore’ is one of those songs that is so elegently crafted, you don’t mind listening to over and over, despite being slightly on the heavy side of things.



Andy Bull – Keep on Running


Andy Bull has been a little quiet of late, so we were ecstatic to hear he’s back with a belter of a new tune called ‘Keep On Running‘.

Armed with a heavy but grooving opening baseline, ‘Keep on Running’ kicks into gear about 40s in with the first chorus, where it develops into a melodic explosion of keys, drums and vocals. The most incredible bit, and probably the main catchiness contributing factor is strangely what sounds are not played. The use of silence and breaks is what really makes this track. Add the awesome synths, rolling keys and the jolty beat in the later end of the track and its easy to see that Andy Bull has produced a fine tune. Its light, easy on the ears and super catchy, and considering that he not only recorded it, but produced it himself, a phenomenal effort.

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Q and As with Miss Elm

miss elm

First up, how did Miss Elm form and what has kept you together?

I started out solo, then gigged around with Lucy after she persuaded her to join (they went to school together), and later on sniped (borrowed) James Lord and James Peeters from another band called “The Ride” at a show they did together on The Gold Coast (at a place used to be called “The Basement”)

Miss Elm is a pretty interesting name, where did the inspiration come from?

It came from forming the initials of Erin and Lucy who both had the same middle names (freakishly).

Which bands have had the biggest influence on the music you make?

It’s a mixture of taste between the four of us; Cat Empire, Regina Spektor, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.

How do you compose your new songs? Do you rely on the same method, or do you mix it up?

Usually the main idea comes from me (as I’m always in trouble) when I’m really struggling with something emotionally and really need to vent it via music. I then take it to the others to develop the idea, work out something that gels between us and put some more pizzazz into it.

Say somebody stumbles across you guys picking through your live set. How are they going to describe your sound and live show to their mates. What other comments might they make?

Firstly, they get really excited, because it’s different, fresh and quirky pop (but not strictly). Secondly they go home with the songs stuck in their head, as it’s damn catchy. We have had some interesting comments after shows, such as “Jesus want’s to Marry you”, “Come to Switzerland” and “Wow that was so amazing I want to make out with the entire band”

You name has been thrown around with the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke and Washington when giving comparisons. Is it cool to have such big kudos placed on your music, or a little daunting?

I think it’s cool, as Washington and Kate are both great breakthrough artists in the way they have introduced a different flare to the music scene. The way they mix up Jazz and Classical influences with pop while still keeping it fresh is something I’m inspired by.

Your single ‘Man Repellent’ is a pretty cool pop number that got some airplay on the Js – I personally love the brass section to this tune. What was it like to hear your music being played on the radio?

It’s really fantastic and rewarding to be played on a station that has so much influence on Australia’s music scene, hopefully they’ll like our new stuff!

You just released a brand new EP called ‘Idle Away’, describe the albums vibe and the ideal listening situation to maximise enjoyment?

Ideal listening situation would be anywhere, as there is a distinct character to each song and it takes you on a journey when you first listen in. The vibe; happy.

You’re touring off the back of the ‘Idle Away’ EP release. Where are you going and are there any shows you are particularly excited for?

I’m excited for all of the shows! We are playing in Maleny, Wollongong, Sydney and the Gold Coast. I may be a little extra excited to play at the Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney however, as they have 2 stages, and wallet vending machines.

After a pretty successful start to the year, what does the rest of 2013 hold for Miss Elm? Can we label you a dark horse for to claim the hottest 100?

Definitely dark horse, more surprises to come!

Fushia – Pilot


Brisbane boys Fushia released the upbeat pop rock EP ‘Open Invite‘ last year, and have now followed up with the catchy new single ‘Pilot‘.

Describing ‘Pilot’ as your “Sunday morning hangover cure”, Fushia have replaced their intense cascading guitars and raging drums present on their debut EP, with a more layered and delicate mixture of slide guitars and dainty piano melodies. Likewise, the vocals also progress to suit the slower nature of ‘Pilot’ and really allow Ryan Nebauer’s vocals to shine through. This track gives off a fair few Ben Folds vibes, I think largely due to the acoustic piano. Nonetheless, ‘Pilot’ really makes your ears melt. With more music set for release in 2013, the aptly named ‘Pilot’ shows promising signs for Fushia, as the guys continue to hone and develop their sound.



The Son – More Fire

The son

Tom Piper (aka The Son) has combined forces with Jake and Stav from Bluejuice to create the incredible new single ‘More Fire’.

Those expecting a bluejuice tinged sound featuring some upbeat jazzy pop tunes, will be surprised but not disappointed by ‘More Fire’ which verges very close to being considered rap music. ‘More Fire’ uses a near-rap delivery of some aggressive lyrics, backed by a heavy synth that means its going to be quite the hit on the dance floor and the late night house party. It reminds me a little of a more toned down Prodigy, with the lyrics slightly reminiscent of a Plan B number, yet despite the intensity it remains quite catchy. With a pretty rad videoclip and host of other cool remixes available on soundcloud (for free), The Son has definitely announced himself onto the scene.

Asta – I Need Answers


Triple Js hottest unearthed star, Asta, has returned with her 3rd single aptly named ‘I Need Answers‘.

Featuring a slightly more low-fi electro vibe than her previous numbers, ‘I Need Answers’ opens up with an acoustic vibe before kicking into a truly synth pop dominated tune. Once again, Asta’s hazy, crisp vocals are a highlight, lifting this track up and aiding it to amble so nicely through its paces. Although lacking the lyrical complexity and punchiness of her breakthrough single ‘Heart is On Fire’, ‘I Need Answers’ does show Asta is developing her sound towards a slightly more electro leaning, showing similarities to other Aussie singer/songwriters such as Andy Bull and Tara Simmons. Nonetheless, ‘I Need Answers’ is hitting the spot and only amping the hype in the lead up to Asta’s first EP/Album release.

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