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Philadelphia Grand Jury – Crashing and Burning pt II


Philly JaysIt’s been 3 years, 10 months and 21  days since Philadelphia Grand Jury broke up. It broke my heart. But now they are back with a new single and new album!

‘Crashing and Burning’ is more of that equally chaotic and sensibly elegant garage rock that the Philly Jays were known for. Berkfinger is at his all time best delivering catchy vocal hooks, MC Bad Genius is shredding the bass and Dan Sweat is smashing the drums. Its the original gang and the original feel – I love it. With a national tour announced ahead of the release of their overdue second album ‘Summer of Doom’, be sure to catch these guys live as it always goes off!

Bored Nothing – We Lied

Bored Nothing

Melbourne bedroom perfectionist Bored Nothing dropped ‘We Lied’, the first taste of his next impending album, hopefully out sooner rather than later.

So Bored Nothing released a new track ‘We Lied’ about a month ago and we (somehow) missed it. So we shared it in case you missed it too, and because its awesome. Armed with a glorious intro, its just announces how good this track is going to be before it even takes off. I believe this is called foreshadowing. Nonetheless, the jangly guitars, high paced drums and dreamy vocals are once more one of the best combinations of sound I have heard this year. Bored Nothing…can make music.

Buoy, oh Buoy! – Lonely Avenue


Taree three-piece Buoy, oh Buoy have been hitting the airwaves with their most popular song to date ‘Lonely Avenue’.

‘Lonely Avenue’ is a inch perfectly constructed indie rock track with a roaring Biffy Clyro-esque introduction, epic building choruses, whilst being underpinned by an overall drowning wall of sound. They have an intensity to their music that ensures you are drawn into the song, and cannot help but stomping a foot along to the beat. Cool stuff from a band that I’m sure we will see more of.

Love and Other Crimes – Pray Woman

LAOCSydney via Adelaide band Love and Other Crimes have released the nostalgic pop piece called ‘Pray Woman’.

With throwbacks to Phil Spector and David Bowie the “Pray Woman” is an ambitious debut classic with a mish-mash of retro vibes with a modern touch. Its a bouncy, fun, pop number that creates an infectious level of energy that is bound to have you typing faster whilst you study, or burning your soles out on the dance floor. Instantly lovable, I can’t wait for more this…

Eleanor Dunlop – Rollin’ On


‘Rollin’ On’ is the latest offering of Eleanor Dunlop, showcasing her new sound after kicking the piano rock away for more surfy vibes.

There is nothing better than seeing an artist rework their sound and producing a result that graces the eardrums and rattles the mind. Eleanor Dunlop has done just that. Until now, I was never a huge fan, but the plucky upbeat surf rock vibes in ‘Rollin’ On’ have converted me. I think her vocals compliment the punchy electric chords perfectly and create a sound that is nigh on addictive. I can’t wait to see what else this lass has in store now.

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